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Allergology is the branch of medicine that studies allergies and allergic diseases and the mechanisms of development, methods of prevention and treatment of allergic reactions. The allergist is one of the most sought after of current medical specialties. The reason is that there has been a sharp increase in the incidence of allergies in recent years, due to environmental issues.

Allergy is the collective name of the manifestations of allergic reactions to various stimuli (allergens):

  • flowering plants
  • chemical agents (including food additives, dyes, preservatives, flavor enhancers and many common food additives)
  • dust, etc

Стоимость приема врача-аллерголога

Первичный прием1 300 ₽
Повторный прием 1 000 ₽
[IgE] Иммунноглобулин E [3-5d]490 ₽
Панель респираторные аллергены, IgE (клещ, береза,
cмесь трав, полынь,подорожник,кошка,собака, кролик,
грызуны, ольха, рожь… [3-4d]
4 050 ₽
аллерголог сочи

Allergic treatment should not be ignored or set aside. The speed and strength of an allergic reaction can be such that it is life-threatening (in the case of edema of the larynx, for example, every minute counts.) Even vague allergic reactions are dangerous because they successfully imitate other diseases. At ARMED Medical Center we will help you to resume prior, but unsuccessful treatment, of allergies.

If you are concerned about chronic symptoms, such as a runny nose, please visit our center. It may be that the issue is an allergy that you are unaware of, but that can be treated successfully.

специалисты отделения аллергологии

С вами будут работать

  • allergologist-immunologist, pediatrician Tatiana Galushkina

    Experience – 44 years

    (22 years as the head of the pediatric Department City children’s polyclinic№1 of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky)

    • Graduated in 1972 in Rostov state Medical Institute, pediatrician.
    • From 1972-1973  residency – internship in Pediatrics at the Rostov state medical Institute.
    • 2011 – professional development (professional retraining) in Allergy-immunology at the Russian medical Academy of postgraduate education of Roszdrav, Moscow
    • 2013 – professional retraining in “health Organization and public health” in Novokuznetsk state medical refresher Institute.
    • 2017 – advanced training in Allergy-immunology at the Kumho the health Ministry of Russia
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    действителен только для гражнан Рф

    Прайс на аллергодиагностику

    Аллергодиагностика Rida AllergyScreen (Германия) *Выполняется на базе ГСЦЛ
    1А12.06.002.004[IgE] Иммунноглобулин E [3-5d]490 р.
    2B03.002.004.01Панель разные аллергены,IgE (клещ, береза, смесь трав, полынь, подорожник, кошка, собака, яйцо куриное, молоко, арахис,… [3-4d]4 050 р.
    3B03.002.004.02Панель респираторные аллергены, IgE (клещ, береза, cмесь трав, полынь, подорожник, кошка,собака, кролик, грызуны, ольха, рожь… [3-4d]4 050 р.
    4B03.002.004.03Панель пищевые аллергены, IgE (арахис, грецкий орех, миндаль, молоко, яйцо куриное, картофель, морковь, помидоры, морепр., цитрусы,… [3-4d]4 050 р.
    5B03.002.004.04Панель педиатрическая, IgE (клеш, смесь трав, кошка, собака, молоко , картофель, яичный белок/желток, арахис, орехи лесные, …[3-4d]4 050 р.