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The list of medical services provided by ARMED LLC

Laboratory Tests

 Item No.
Service codeService nameService cost, roubles
Common blood analysis
1B03.016.002.03[CBA] Detailed common blood analysis (CBA) (with calculation of leukogram and determination of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR))340
2A08.05.008Reticulocyte level analysis in blood200
3A12.05.014Blood coagulation time check acc. to Sukharev (manual method)270
Examination of urine (Urisis 1000)
4B03.016.006.02Common urine analysis with sediment microscopy (Urisis 1000)270
5A09.28.001Nechiporenko test270
6A09.28.002Zimnitsky urine test270
Biochemical urine analysis (Cobas c 311)
7A09.28.011[GLUC U] Urine glucose 1 portion/24 h – [1d]150
8A09.28.003[TPU] Urine total protein 1 portion/24 h [1d]150
9A09.28.006[CREAU] Urine creatinine 1 portion/24 h [1d]150
10A09.28.009[UREAU] Urine urea 1 portion/24 h [1d]150
11A09.28.010[UAU]  Urine uric acid [1d]150
12A09.28.027[AMYLU] Urine amylase [1d]150
13A09.28.026[PU] Urine phosphorus 1 portion/24 h [1d]150
14A09.28.014[MgU] Urine magnesium 24 h [1d]150
15A09.28.012[CaU] Urine calcium 24 h [1d]150
16A09.28.013[NaKClU] Urine sodium, potassium, chlorine 24 h [1d]260
Biochemical blood analysis (Cobas c 311)
17A09.05.023.007[GLUC] Glucose level analysis in blood with test strips150
18A09.05.023.005[GLUC] Glucose analysis in venous blood in autoanalyzer150
19A09.05.083.001[HbA1C] Glycated hemoglobin analysis in blood serum530
20А09.05.023[TGT] Glucose tolerance test530
21A09.05.010[TP] Total protein level analysis in blood150
22A09.05.011[ALB] Albumin level analysis in blood150
23A09.05.017[UREA] Urea level analysis in blood150
24A09.05.018[UA] Uric acid level analysis in blood150
25A09.05.020[CREA] Creatinine level analysis in blood150
26В03.025.001[GFR] Glomerular filtration rate (creatine clearance)170
27A09.05.026[CHOL] Cholesterol level analysis in blood190
28A09.05.025[TRIGL] Triglyceride level analysis in blood190
29A09.05.004[HDL] Alpha lipoprotein (of high density) level analysis in blood serum190
30A09.05.027.001[LDL]  Beta lipoprotein (of low density) level analysis in blood serum190
31A09.05.021[BIL-T/D]  Total bilirubin level analysis in blood270
32A09.05.041.002[GOT] АсАТ Aspartate aminotransferase check in blood serum150
33A09.05.042.001[GPT]  АлАТ Alanine aminotransferase check in blood serum150
34A09.05.045[AMYL] Amylase level analysis in blood200
35A09.05.044.001[GGT] Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase level analysis in blood200
36A09.05.039[LDH]  Lactate dehydrogenase level analysis in blood150
37A09.05.046[ALP] Alkaline phosphatase level analysis in blood150
38A09.05.207.001[LAC] Lactate check in blood serum (automatic method)270
39A09.05.173[Lipase] Lipase level analysis in blood serum410
40A09.05.031.001[NaKCl] Blood electrolytes check: sodium, potassium, chlorine in autoanalyzer270
41A09.05.032[Ca] Total calcium level analysis in blood150
42A09.05.007[IRON] Iron level analysis in blood serum150
43A09.05.127[Mg] Total magnesium level analysis in blood serum170
44A09.05.033[P] Inorganic phosphorus level analysis in blood150
45A09.05.043[CK] Creatine kinase level analysis in blood200
46А09.05.043.001[CK MB] Creatine kinase – MB390
47A09.05.193[Troponin]  Troponin check in blood1 270
48A12.05.011.001Total iron binding capacity of blood serum300
49A09.05.076[FERR] Ferritin check in blood serum (automatic method)640
50A09.05.214 Homocysteine950
Coagulogram (START 4 Diagnostica Stargo)
51A09.05.050[FG] Fibrinogen level analysis in blood280
52A12.05.027.006[PTI] Blood prothrombin time determination (semiautomatic method) “Start-4”280
53A12.05.027.008[APTT]  Determination of blood partial thromboplastin time (АЧТВ)280
54A12.05.055[INR] [INR] International normalized ratio