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  • Patients can obtain preliminary information on the services and their pricing and payment from the administrator of the medical center directly or via telephone.
  • Patients must make all appointments for medical diagnostics, medical examinations and consultations of a physician either IN ADVANCE or via the telephone or in person.
  • Consultation by a physician is by appointment only. In case of the patient’s arriving without preliminary appointment he may be refused treatment for objective reasons (except in the case of emergency).
  • The Patient chooses the date and time for reception and negotiates it with the administrator. In the case of prepaid medical services for the patient, it will be by contract.
  • Payment is determined by the price list of ARMED Clinic. At the conclusion of treatment, the patient submits to the cashier of the medical organization 100% of the cost of medical services. Payment is to be made in rubles.
  • When receiving free medical care program of compulsory social insurance the Patient will receive a Coupon. The administrator will complete the Coupon with the date and name of the doctor. The Patient shall keep the Coupon (Agreement) until the end of treatment.
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  • Patients are expected to comes to the doctor 5 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.
  • If the patient can not come at the appointed time, he should inform the administrator in advance.
  • In the case of delay by the patient of more than 20 minutes, the doctor may postpone the appointment or change the appointment to another day.
  • In the event of an unforeseen absence of a physician or other extraordinary circumstances, the administrator will alert the patient as soon as possible via the contact number provided by the patient.
  • Patients in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication will be declined their appointments and will not receive treatment.
  • The ARMED Medical Center does not receive patients under the age of 18, unless accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • To enter the medical center, all patients must have shoe covers.
  • Patients may come into the office by invitation of clinic staff only.
  • The persons accompanying the patient may stay in the office only with the permission of the attending physician and must follow all of his/her instructions.
  • During the time of initial examination, the doctor sets a tentative diagnosis, determines the methods and scope of the treatment and will inform the patient about this. Also the patient will be informed about possible complications during and after treatment. Inspection results are to be recorded in the inspection form and the patient’s medical card.
  • The Patient may be prescribed more diagnostic tests and manipulation. A necessary condition to start the process is the voluntary consent of the patient to medical intervention. When the patient refuses medical treatment he will be explained possible consequences.
  • At the conclusion of the examination, the patient will be given the original inspection form signed by the doctor of the medical center. A copy of the inspection form will be kept in the medical center.
  • If necessary, the patient may be referred to another health care facility or hospital to conduct special diagnostics, procedures or operations. In this case, the doctor will provide the name and address of the health care facility.
  • Patient compliance with all the requirements and recommendations of ARMED CLINIC’S doctors is neceesary for treatment.
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