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The list of medical services provided by ARMED LLC

Laboratory Tests

Service CodeService DescriptionService cost RUB
Blood analysis
1B03.016.002.03[FBE] Full blood examination, complete (with white blood cell differential and ESR counting)400
2B03.016.002.02[FBE autom.method] Full blood examination formula WITHOUT ESR counting280
3A12.05.001[ESR] Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (manual)150
4A12.05.014Blood coagulability period according to Sukharev (manual)270
5A08.05.008Reticulocyte rate study200
Urinoscopy (Urisis 1000)
1B03.016.006Clinical urinalysis with sediment microscopy (Urisis 1000) Zimnitsky300
2A09.28.001Nechiporenko test270
3A09.28.022Urine analysis270
4A26.28.003.001[MB01.13] Urine microflora culture of urine determining sensitivity to A/B980
Urine biochemical screen (Cobas c 311)
1A09.28.011[GLUC U] Urine glucose 1 sample/24h. – nycthemeral[1d]170
2A09.28.003[TPU] Complete urine protein analyses 1 sample / 24h. – nycthemeral200
3A09.28.006[1d][CREAU] Urine creatinine 1 sample/ 24h. nycthemeral[1d]150
4A09.28.009[UREAU] Urine urea 1 sample / 24h. – nycthemeral[1d]150
5A09.28.010[UAU] Urine uric acid [1d]150
6A09.28.027[AMYLU] Urine amylase [1d]200
7A09.28.026[PU] Urine phosphorus 1 sample/ 24h. – nycthemeral[1d]170
8A09.28.014[MgU] Urine Magnesium 24 h. – nycthemeral[1d]150
9A09.28.012[CaU] Urine Calcium24 h. – nycthemeral [1d]150
10A09.28.013[NaKClU] Urine  Sodium, Potassium, Chlorine 24h. – nycthemeral [1d]300
11А. study in one sample660
Blood biochemical screen (Cobas c 311)
1A09.05.023.005[GLUC] Venous blood glucose study on an automated analyzer170
2A09.05.023.007[GLUC] Test-strip blood glucose study170
3A09.30.011[HbA1C] Blood serum glycaemic level study530
4A09.05.023[TGT] Glucose Tolerance Test530
5A09.05.023.002[OGTT] Glucose Tolerance Test in Pregnant Women600
6A09.05.010[TP] Total blood protein level test150
7A09.05.011[ALB] Blood Albumin Test150
8A09.05.017[UREA] Blood Urea Test150
9A09.05.018[UA] Blood Uric Acid Test150
10A09.05.020[CREA] Blood creatinine level test150
11A09.028.006[GFR] Glomerular filtration rate (creatinine clearance)170
12A09.05.026[CHOL] Blood cholesterol level test190
13A09.05.025[TRIGL] Blood triglyceride level Study190
14A09.05.004[HDL] Blood serum alpha lipoprotein  (high density) level study200
15A09.05.028[LDL] Blood serum beta lipoproteins (low density) study200
16B03.016.005Atherogenic index [ordered with CHOL and HDL]50
17A09.05.021[BIL-T / D] Blood total bilirubin test300
18A09.05.041[GOT] AspAT Blood serum aspartate aminotransferase test150
19A09.05.042[GPT] ALAT Blood serum alanine aminotransferase test150
20A09.05.045[AMYL] Blood amylase level study200
21A09.05.044.001[GGT] GGTP Blood gamma glutamyltranspeptidase level test200
22A09.05.039[LDH] Blood lactate dehydrogenase test150
23A09.05.046[ALP] Blood alkaline phosphatase test150
24A09.05.207[LAC] Blood serum lactate level study (automatic method)270
25A09.05.173[LIP-C] Serum lipase level study410
26A09.05.031.001[NaKCl] Blood electrolytes study: potassium, sodium, chlorine on an automatic analyzer300
27A09.05.032[Ca] Total blood calcium level study150
28A09.05.206Ionized Calcium600
29A09.05.007[IRON] Blood serum iron level test150
30A12.05.011.001Total blood serum iron-binding capacity  (TIBC)350
31A12.05.011.002Blood serum latent iron binding capacity (LIBC)350
32A09.05.127[Mg] Total blood serum magnesium study190
33A09.05.033[P] Blood inorganic phosphorus level study170
34A09.05.043[CK] Blood creatine kinase test200
35A09.05.043.001[CK MB] Creatine Kinase – MB390
36A09.05.076[FERR] Blood serum ferritin test (auto.method)640
38A09.05.009[CRP] Blood serum C-reactive protein study on automated analyzer400
39A12.06.019[RF] Blood rheumatoid factor study400
40A12.06.015[ASO] Blood serum antistreptolysin-O test400
42A09.05.214Homocysteine1 250
Coagulation Profile (START 4 Diagnostica Stargo)
1A09.05.050[FG] Blood fibrinogen test280
2A12.05.027.006[PTI] Blood prothrombin time (p/auto meth) “Start-4”280
3A12.05.027.008[APTT] Active partial thromboplastin time (APTT)280
4A12.05.027.008[APTT] Activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT)280
5A12.05.055[INR] International Normalized Ratio (INR)280
6A12.05.027.003[TT] Blood thrombin time study (TT)280
7A09.20.003.002[D-Dimer] Plasma D-dimers study1 150
8A09.05.193[Troponin] Blood troponin study1 270
Isoserological tests
1A12.05.005.011Blood type and Rh-factor test330
Hormonal and Other Studies (Cobas e 411)
  Thyroid Hormones and Autoantibodies
1A09.05.065[TSH] TSH Quantitative determination of thyrotropic hormone (TSH)(CLIA)430
2A09.05.060[Total T3] Total blod triiodothyronine level study (T3)430
3A09.05.064[Total T4] Serum total thyroxine level (T4) study430
4A09.05.061[Free T3] Blood free triiodothyronine (T3) test430
5A09.05.063[Free T4] FT4 Serum free thyroxine (T4) level study430
6A09.05.117[TG] TG Blood thyroglobulin investigation480
7A12.06.017[AT-TG] AT-TG Serum thyroglobulin antibodies test530
8A12.06.045[anti TPO] A-TPO Thyroperoxidase antibodies test530
9A12.06.046[Anti TSHR] TSH receptors antibodies1 430
10A09.05.097T-binding (thyroxin-binding capacity of human serum or plasma, T-Uptake)650
Fertility and Reproduction
1A09.05.087[Prl] Blood prolactin level test480
2A09.05.087.001Macroprolactin (Macroprolactin) – a complex of the prolactin hormone and IgG990
3A09.05.131.0[LH] Serum luteinizing hormone level test490
4A09.05.154[E2] Total blood estradiol test480
5A09.05.157Estriol free (E3, Estriol free)550
6A09.05.132[FSH] Serum follicle-stimulating hormone level study480
7A09.05.152[Prog] Blood progesterone level test480
8A25.30.186Human serum 17-OH-progesterone (RIA)560
9A09.05.225Blood anti-mullerian hormone1 890
10A12.06.028Serum antispermatozoal antibodis determination by EIA method770
11A12.06.028.001Antispermatozoal antibodis(seminal fluid)700
Androgenic Hormones
1A09.05.078[Test] Total blood testosterone level study530
2A09.05.078.001[FT] Free testosterone index1 100
3A09.05.078.003Dihydrotestosterone1 100
4A09.05.160[SHBG] Reproductive hormones-binding globulin level study, in blood530
5A09.05.149[DHEA s] Blood dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate level study480
6A09.05.078.002[FT; BAT] Testosterone free and bioavailable (Estimated rate) [ordered with ALB, Testosterone and SHBG]50
Diabetes Mellitus Markers
1A09.05.205[C-peptide] Blood C-peptide level test530
2A09.05.056[Insulin] Plasma Insulin Level Test530
3A12.06.020Pancreas beta cells antibodies (Anti-Islet Cell antibodies)1 320
41Glutamate decarboxylase antibodies  (AT-GAD, GAD-autoantibodies)1 480
Insulin resistance (IR) and metabolic
12QUICKI index (estimate indicator; indicate height and weight !!!) [ordered with GLUC and Insulin]50
23HOMA-B% (estimate indicator; indicate height and weight !!!) [ordered with GLUC and Insulin]50
34HOMA-IR (estimate indicator; indicate height and weight !!!) [ordered with GLUC and Insulin]50
Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Hormones
1A09.05.135[Cortisol] Total blood cortisol level480
2A09.05.067 [ACTH] Blood adrenocorticotropic hormone level study670
3A09.05.069Blood aldosterone level test400
4А09.05.0Plasma renin activity study850
56Metanephrine and Normetanephrine in diurnal urine (SPECIFY HIGHT, WEIGHT and DIURNAL DIURESIS)3 950
6A09.28.038Cortisol in diurnal urine (SPECIFY HIGHT, WEIGHT and DIURNAL DIURESIS)420
Bone Tissue Metabolism Markers
1A09.05.058.002[PTH]Intact blood parathormone determination570
2A09.05.224Osteocalcin (Osteocalcin)610
37Calcitonin (Calcitonin)770
Somatotropic Hypophysary Function
1A09.05.066Blood somatotropic hormone, STH460
1A09.05.115.00[BNP] Brain Natriuretic Peptide1 090
Cancer-Specific Markers and Prenatal Diagnostics (Cobas e 411)
1A09.05.130[TPSA] Blood Prostate Specific Antigen Test570
2A09.05.131[Free PSA] PSA free (Prostate-specific antigen free)640
3A09.05.203[Total b HCG] Total hCG (prenatal screen, testicular seminoma)570
47Free b-HCG Free b-hCG (prenatal screening, 10-14 week)440
5A09.05.194.002PAPP-A (prenatal screening) Pregnancy associated plasma protein-A  (Questionnaire + Copy of ultrasound diagnosis conclusion !!!)950
6A09.05.089[AFP] Serum alpha-fetoprotein study570
7A09.05.195[CEA] Blood embryonic cancer antigen level study570
8A09.051.99.001[CA 15.3] Blood adenogenic cancers СА 15-3 antigens level test570
9A09.05.201[CA-19,9] Blood adenogenic cancers CA 19-9 antigens level test570
10A09.05.202[CA-125]  Blood adenogenic cancers CA 125  antigens level test570
11A09.05.200CA-72,4 Blood adenogenic cancers CA 72-4  antigens level test830
12А.09.05.232CA 242 Blood adenogenic cancers CA 242   antigens level test1 650
13А[HE4] Ovarian Epithelial Cancer1 490
14А ROMA (Risk of Ovarian Malignancy Algorithm)2 200
15A09.05.258CYFRA 21-1 OncoMarker estimation (Cytokeratin 19 Fragment)990
16A09.05.204ProGRP [small-cell bronchial carcinoma]1 200
17А.09.05.196Squamous cell carcinoma antigen (SCCA, SCC, TA-4, Squamous Cell Carcinoma antigen – SCC).910
Vitamins (Cobas e 411)
1A09.05.079Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)570
2A09.05.080Blood serum folic acid level study640
3А09.05.221Vitamin D (calciferol)2 000
410Vitamin A (Retinol)2 200
TORCH Infections (Cobas e411)
1A26.06.128[Toxo IgM] IgM Toxoplasma antibodies550
2A26.06.126[Toxo IgG] IgG Toxoplasma antibodies550
311Avidity of Toxoplasma IgG antibodies (Avidity anti-Toxo-IgG)560
4A26.06.116[Rubella IgM] Rubella virus IgM antibodies400
5A26.06.114[Rubella IgG] Rubella virus IgG antibodies400
6A26.06.070.003Avidity of rubella virus IgG antibodies (Avidity anti-Rubella IgG)550
7A26.06.022.001[CMV IgM] Cytomegalovirus virus IgM antibodies550
8A26.06.022.002[CMV IgG] IgG Cytomegalovirus  virus IgG antibodies550
9A26.06.022Avidity of CMV IgG antibodies to (Avidity anti-CMV-IgG)550
10A26.06.092.001[Anti HSV IgM] Herpes simplex virus (1.2 type) IgM480
11A26.06.046.001[Anti HSV IgG] Herpes simplex virus (1.2 type) IgG480
1214Avidity of  herpes virus 1.2 IgG antibodies (HSV-AV)970
Pathogenic Disease (EIA)
1A26.06.033[HPY-CagA] Helicobacter pylori CagA480
2A26.05.008.002Mycobacterium tuberculosis hemanalysis  (Mycobacterium tuberculesis) by EIA method570
3A26.06.018.001Chlamydia trachomatis IgA570
4A26.06.018.002[CTR IgG] Chlamydia trachomatis IgG480
5A26.06.018.003[CTR IgG MOMP] Chlamydia trachomatis МОМР / pgp3 IgG510
6A26.06.016.002[CPN IgM] Blood serum IgM to Chlamydophila pneumoniae study by EIA method510
7A26.06.016.001[CPN IgG] Blood Serum IgG to Chlamydophila pneumoniae study by EIA method510
8A26.06.057.002[MYCPN IgM] Mycoplasma pneumoniae class M antibodies (IgM) testing510
9A26.06.057.001[MYCPN IgG] Mycoplasma pneumoniae class G (IgG) antibodies t510
10A26.06.058[Myco IgG] Mycoplasma hominis IgG antibodies670
11A26.06.072[UU IgG] Ureaplasma Urealyticum IgG antibodies480
12A26.06.047[Anti HSV IgG] Herpes simplex virus (type 6) IgG420
13A26.06.029[EBV IgM VCA] Epstein-Barr virus a/t IgM450
14A26.06.028[EBV IgG VCA] Epstein-Barr virus a/t IgG450
15A26.06.031[anti-EBV-NA IgG] Epstein-Barr virus nuclear protein antibodies, IgG450
16A26.06.030[anti-EBV-EA IgG] Epstein-Barr early protein antibodies, IgG450
1715PARAPERTUSSIS diagnostics by TPHT method (anti-Bordetella parapertussis)610