Immunology is the science which studies the reactions of the human body to invasion by aggressive alien microorganisms. The human immune system or immunity is a defense mechanism, given to us all by nature.

Immunity is a natural security system that blocks the attack of any foreign origin: viruses, germs, bacteria, as well as mutated or malignant cells. A healthy immune system can and should protect the human body from the effects of radiation and background radiation around us electric fields.

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Good immunity – a real guardian of health, it is designed to keep a watchful eye the state of health and the slightest deviation from it and respond in a timely manner to emerging issues: to neutralize or destroy foreign cells, protecting human health. It is not necessary to prove the importance of healthy immune system. Only truly experienced immunologist be able to objectively assess the state of the immune system and provide sound recommendations for correction.

специалисты отделения иммунологии

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  • allergologist-immunologist, pediatrician Tatiana Galushkina

    Experience – 44 years

    (22 years as the head of the pediatric Department City children’s polyclinic№1 of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky)

    • Graduated in 1972 in Rostov state Medical Institute, pediatrician.
    • From 1972-1973  residency – internship in Pediatrics at the Rostov state medical Institute.
    • 2011 – professional development (professional retraining) in Allergy-immunology at the Russian medical Academy of postgraduate education of Roszdrav, Moscow
    • 2013 – professional retraining in “health Organization and public health” in Novokuznetsk state medical refresher Institute.
    • 2017 – advanced training in Allergy-immunology at the Kumho the health Ministry of Russia
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    Work experience: 13 years.
    2003 – graduated from Stavropol State Medical Academy, with specialization in pediatrics.
    2003-2004 – internship with specialization in pediatrics.
    2004-2005 – clinical studies with specialization in pediatrics.
    2005 – professional retraining on the basis of Kuban State Medical University, with specialization in “Allergology and Immunology”.
    2006 – allergologist-immunologist of the Allergological Department of the Children’s Municipal Clinical Hospital, Stavropol
    2008 – allergologist-immunologist of the Regional Clinical Hospital No. 2, Krasnodar
    2014 – allergologist-immunologist of the Children’s Polyclinic No. 1, Krasnodar
    2016 – allergologist-immunologist of Medical Center ARMED
    The first qualification category. The certification cycle for Allergy and immunology in 2016.
    Service line : Advisory reception of children and adults with manifestations :
    -asthma, obstructive bronchitis, persistent cough, trouble breathing;
    -allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis seasonal(pollinosis)and year-round;
    -allergic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, pruritus;
    -acute and chronic urticaria, angioedema;
    -food and drug allergies;
    -immunodeficiency States.

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Прайс на иммунологические

Имуннологические исследования (ИФА)
140 А12.06.002.001 [IgM] Исследование мембранных иммуноглобулинов М [1-3d] 440 р.
141 А12.06.002.002 [IgA] Исследование мембранных иммуноглобулинов А [1-3d] 440 р.
142 А12.06.002.003 [IgG] Исследование мембранных иммуноглобулинов G [1-3d] 440 р.
143 В03.002.003 Комплексное исследование иммунологического статуса при смешанном иммунодефиците 3 420 р.